Abraham’s Journey of Faith


Genesis 22

Abraham is known as the Father of Our Faith.  When reading Genesis 22 you begin to see why.  It is an amazing example of trusting in God’s promise, no matter the circumstances.  This story is filled with “faith one-liners”, such as in verse 5, when Abraham says to his servants just before sacrificing his only son, Isaac, “We will worship there, and then we will come right back.”  Or in verse 8 when Isaac notices they have fire and wood, but no sacrifice. Abraham replies, “God will provide a lamb.”

When I read this chapter, I wonder if I would ever have that much faith.  However, when you look at Abraham’s life, you know it wasn’t always like this.  He had his share of failures too.  He had those times when he looked more like a failure in the faith than a hero in the faith.  He doubted God’s provision for his life and future more than once.

As you read about Abraham’s life in Genesis, you read stories of deception and taking matters into his own hands instead of trusting that God will weave the storyline to fulfill His plan.  And then you arrive at chapter 22 and see this person who seemingly has all the faith in the world.

It made me wonder if Abraham’s faith would have been ready for the challenge in chapter 22 without his faith struggles in the previous chapters.  Maybe the struggles were helping him exercise his faith muscles so that when the time came he was ready.

Notice how God didn’t give him chapter 22 earlier in life.  God gave Abraham little things before he told him to sacrifice his only son.  First it was, leave your family for a land I am giving to you.  Then it was trusting for God’s provision while giving Lot the first pick of the land.  You see, these little faith builders prepared Abraham for what would be God’s biggest request and test of Abraham’s faith and love for God.  Much like a child learning to walk, God allows us to take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.  He’s not afraid of us falling down because he understands the process of maturity.

Which leads me to a second observation.  We see things chronologically — in a timeline — and get so discouraged when we fail.  God see things through the lens of eternity and knows the final outcome.  We see ourselves stuck at the trial or failure.  God sees our faith refined as pure gold.  

Thank God, because I need someone rooting me on, encouraging me to keep going, just as Abraham, fumbling forward in faith.

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