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Confessions of a Worship Pastor:
The Time I Got Yelled At


A number of years back scientists found what they said was another planet beyond Pluto; ironically, neither of these orbiting bodies are planets anymore.  However, back then they were both planets.  I remember being so amazed at our Creator.  There’s so much that we don’t know about our universe, yet God knows it all.

One Sunday I was leading my community in worship and began to encourage them that God is so much bigger than we know, using this example.  Before I could get all the words out I was cut off by someone in our congregation.  He said, “STOP IT!  STOP IT! We’re trying to worship God and you’re talking to us about a planet.”  Mind you, he cut me off before I could get to the punchline. 

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The Desert Experience


I’m starting to get some gray hair.  I keep telling my kids that it’s my blond hair coming back in, but they are too smart for that nonsense.  The thing about gray hair is we think wisdom comes with it.  Unfortunately, time itself does not necessarily make you mature.  Wisdom comes from what you do with your experiences.

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