Piano: 1-5-8 Left Hand Roll

One of the most valuable tools my first piano teacher give me was the left hand roll.  If you are just starting out, this will open up a ton of possibilities for your piano playing.  This piano lesson is a beginning discussion for rolling the left hand into your right hand using the 1, 5, & 8 of the scale degree.

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Guitar: The Cage System

      In this lesson we discuss how to play scales using the Cage Systems and how to find a lick in the different positions of the Cage System across the neck of the guitar.   [button link=”http://kevinwestmusic.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/scales-cagesystempatterns.pdf” color=”blue3″ newwindow=”yes”] Cage System/Scale Diagrams[/button] Continue Reading No Comments

Guitar: Triads & Alternative Voicings

      This is a great lesson for beginner to intermediately skilled guitar players.  Learning to playing alternative voicings & triads will open up your playing and allow you to blend a second guitar in the overall mix. As you will hear in the demonstration in the video, adding a second guitar in a different position sounds great.  This principle can be easily applied to electric guitars.     [button link=”http://kevinwestmusic.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/triadsandalternativechordvoicings.pdf” color=”blue3″ newwindow=”yes”] Triads & Alt Chord Voicings Chart[/button] Continue Reading No Comments