God of the “Re”


We all know David as the “man after God’s own heart.”  He was a great leader, shepherd, general, politician, musician, songwriter…the list goes on.  Many of us have also heard of David’s sins.  In fact, none of us will ever commit sins with consequences that are as far-reaching and impactful as David.  David lied to Ahimelech the priest, which got him and 85 other priests killed.  He had an affair with Bathsheba.  He tried to cover up his affair and illegitimate son by getting Bathsheba’s husband drunk so he would sleep with Bathsheba during a war.  When that didn’t work, David simply had him sent to the frontlines of the war and killed.  And if that were not enough, he took a census, which God had instructed against, that resulted in a plague in which 70,000 Israelites were killed.Are you getting the picture?  David wasn’t perfect!  Yet, what is the difference between David and Saul?  Why was Saul rejected and David exalted?  Why was Saul refused while David was used?David knew one important thing: God is the God of the “re.”  You see, David knew God’s mercies are never-ending.  And even though it’s a New Testament phrase, David knew where sin abounds, God’s grace abounds even more.

God is the God of the “re.”

Where have you found yourself today?  Has disaster hit?  Are the waves crashing?  Are you caught in a riptide of sin or circumstance?  Are you stuck in the mud; seized by the sludge in the pond of life?

Our God gives a way of escape!

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