Let Faith Arise


I recently wrote song called Let Faith Arise (lyrics below) that is the culmination of 5 years of experiences in ministry, books I’ve read, and personal growth.  One would think by the title that it’s a song about faith.  That is not entirely true.  The song is a prayer for faith to arise in the heart of the church as they gather together (and especially in corporate worship).

Over the past 5 years I’ve read a couple books and listened to a few sermons from Jack Hayford that have served as the foundation for this idea.  His thoughts on worship have convinced me that the singing portion of worship is intended to play a bigger role in corporate worship than we sometimes allow.  I’m not speaking of simply singing more songs or allocating more time in our services towards that, although in some instances that may be necessary.  I’m saying we need to understand that God has given worship to us as an avenue for God’s presence to enter our lives in a greater dimension.

What I have come to understand over the past few years is that “In the beginning” God created man/woman to have rulership over the earth (that is to say, God gave us the earth to manage -Gen. 1:26-29).  However, the power to manage came from the people’s willingness to be 1) obedient to God 2) humble before God 3) dependent on God and 4) worship God.  When that was broken, because of sin, our ability to manage the earth was also broken.  This is why we have high divorce rates, war, broken governments, broken relationships, and environmental problems.  Worship restores our relationship to God and therefore, our ability to function the way God intended, through His power.  Our ability to manage the earth (i.e., raise godly kids, be good stewards of financial resources, have healthy relationships) flows directly from a relationship with Christ.  Without worship there is no relationship with Christ.

Over the past few years I have some friends whose health has deteriorated.  Our church has prayed for them faithfully for 5 years, however, things have gotten worse.  One day when I was praying for them and some other situations, I prayed the phase, “Let faith arise.”  “Lord, we need faith to arise in us as we gather together to worship You.”  I said this knowing that there are people who come to church who have serious needs (as mentioned above), and only God can help.

As I wrote the lyrics for the verses, four things developed that I believe we need for faith to arise in the church (this is not an all inclusive list; however they are the ones I felt most important).

  1. Worship – we need to corporately exalt Jesus
  2. Unity (specifically, but not limited to, our worship) – we need to be in unity (Acts 1:14, 2:1).  Division over music and worship styles is crippling the church.  We need unity!
  3. Expectancy – we should come ready for God to work miracles among His people.
  4. To surrender (lay down our burdens) – burdens weigh heavy on our hearts.  It is sometimes hard to believe God for a miracle when our hearts are heavy.  Surrendering these burdens to God will allow us to apply our faith to God’s sovereignty.

The chorus mentions the kind of faith we need.  A faith to move the mountains, heal the sick, comfort the burdened, etc.  As we worship God in unity, come with expectancy, and lay down our burdens, faith can arise in our hearts to believe for things that would seem impossible.  According to Christ will, our friends can be healed, marriages can be restored, hope can be renewed, and souls can be saved.

Lord, Let Faith Arise!

Verse 1

As we lift up our hands
As we lift up our voice
Let faith arise in us

As we sing with one voice
Unified in our choice
Let faith arise in us

Pre Chorus
Let faith arise in our hearts
Let faith arise in all our hearts

A faith that moves the mountains
A faith that heals the sick
A faith that Comforts those who are weary

A faith that brings strength upon us
And hears every promise
I will trust and obey
The author of my faith

Verse 2
As we come with expectant hearts
Left faith arise, Let faith arise in us
Laying down all our burdens now
Let faith arise, Let faith arise in us

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