Parenting: It’s A Dirty Job But Someone Has To Do It Part 4


I really hope you have enjoyed this series of thoughts on parenting my wife & I thought we would share.  It is by no means a complete list.  I’m sure you have some lessons you have learned too –we’d love to hear about them.  Please share them in the comments below. If you missed any of the previous blogs, I would encourage you to check them out (part 1part 2 & part 3).


I thought of putting this under BE CAREFUL LITTLE EARS WHAT YOU HEAR, but there is so much more to it than just speaking well of our spouses.  Parenting is HARD (Massive understatement)!!! And having a built in support system is wise.  It’s important to be on the same page as parents and to be unified on a decision, as much as possible.  Now this is a blog on parenting, not marriage — I don’t want to change direction — so I know there may be some saying, yeah but…

Let me just say that if you are undermining your spouse to your child you are doing a disservice to your marriage and your children.  They need to see you in unity, supporting each other.  When you are on the same page, disciplining, encouraging, and guiding your child will be so much easier.

I know some of you might be single parents.  This point becomes a lot harder in your case, but still important.  It is necessary, for the sake of your child, to put aside difference and become unified in your support for each other.  It will make parenting easier on you.  But even better, it will help your child become emotionally healthy.


I have always found it amazing that two children, raised by the same parents, can end up so different.  They respond differently to praise and encouragement as well as disappointment and discipline.  You have to find what proverbial carrot and stick works best with each of your children.  

For parents, this reality can come with disappointing, difficult seasons.  Just when things seem to be rolling along just fine with one child, you find yourself in the ER with a different child trying to dislodge something stuck up their nose.  Or maybe you find yourself in the principal’s office trying to talk him out of expelling your child.

As difficult as this can be for parents, it’s so important to celebrate, dare I say encourage, the differences in your children.  Not only is it OK that they are not the same, it makes life better.  Who would like to have only salt to season their food.  No way!  Salt and pepper make things so much better.

Make sure your kids know you love them…just the way they are.


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