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Theory: Fundamentals of Vocal Harmony

In this lesson I will quickly show you the basics of vocal harmony.  I briefly talk about scale and inversions in this video, but if those concepts are new to you, you may want to study up on them to set a better music theory foundation.  I have put a few more links to other related lessons, documents and worksheet to further explore how music works.

Scales, Triads, & Color  Theory 1 – Playing “By Ear”  Theory 1 – Worksheet

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How to Quickly Transpose Songs  Theory: Adding Color To a Chord  Piano: Scales & Inversions

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Piano: Scales & Inversions

Scales are the building block for everything in music.  It is the most foundational part of music.  From scales we derive the chords we play, the melodies we sing and the solos we take.  In this piano lesson we will show how to play scales, how to play triads & how to invert triads.


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