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How To Be Successful


The American Dream — we all want it.  We strive for it.  Work hard to get it.  I suppose it’s a little different for everyone, but I think there are some basics that most of us want.  Wonderful spouse.  Great kids – at least one boy and girl.  Great job.  Big home, with a picturesque lawn on a quiet street.  I think I just described Leave It To Beaver.  

Is that was success is?  Is that how we would define it?  How do we even know if we’ve been successful?  What is our measuring stick?  And, is our measuring stick the same one God uses?

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Enjoying The Ride Of Life

enjoying-the-ride-of-life I think one of the bonuses to living in Southern California is our proximity to Disneyland.  Now I realize not everyone feels the same way, but our family loves it.  We have been fortunate enough to have annual passes for a few years.  One of the years we had passes our kids were small, so every time we went, we rode every ride in Fantasyland and Toontown.  Those 45-minute waits for the Dumbo ride about killed me!  When our kids were older, we were able to get annual passes again, and I was determined to say goodbye to Fantasyland.  I couldn’t wait to introduce them to the “big kid” roller coasters.   Continue Reading No Comments

Confessions of a Worship Pastor:
The Time I Got Yelled At


A number of years back scientists found what they said was another planet beyond Pluto; ironically, neither of these orbiting bodies are planets anymore.  However, back then they were both planets.  I remember being so amazed at our Creator.  There’s so much that we don’t know about our universe, yet God knows it all.

One Sunday I was leading my community in worship and began to encourage them that God is so much bigger than we know, using this example.  Before I could get all the words out I was cut off by someone in our congregation.  He said, “STOP IT!  STOP IT! We’re trying to worship God and you’re talking to us about a planet.”  Mind you, he cut me off before I could get to the punchline. 

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