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Seeking Their Story


A great man died last week.  His name was John.  I knew him for 8 years, but I never really got the chance to know him.  While listening to his eulogy at his memorial service I realized what an interesting life he led.  I also realized the opportunity I missed by not getting to know him better.  It’s funny how listening to a eulogy can help you understand how easy it is to misread a person — and then it’s too late.

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How I Backed Into Pastoring My Team



I’d love to say I’m a leadership expert.  I wish I could give you 10 amazing leadership truths like John Maxwell or Andy Stanley.  I can’t.  In fact, looking back at 20 years of leading teams, sometimes I feel like I know almost nothing.  So why I am writing this…to say I have nothing to tell you?  Not quite.  What I found is that I backed into a few things that have worked for me.

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