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Guitar: Triads & Alternative Voicings

      This is a great lesson for beginner to intermediately skilled guitar players.  Learning to playing alternative voicings & triads will open up your playing and allow you to blend a second guitar in the overall mix. As you will hear in the demonstration in the video, adding a second guitar in a different position sounds great.  This principle can be easily applied to electric guitars.     [button link=”http://kevinwestmusic.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/triadsandalternativechordvoicings.pdf” color=”blue3″ newwindow=”yes”] Triads & Alt Chord Voicings Chart[/button] Continue Reading No Comments

Piano: Scales & Inversions

Scales are the building block for everything in music.  It is the most foundational part of music.  From scales we derive the chords we play, the melodies we sing and the solos we take.  In this piano lesson we will show how to play scales, how to play triads & how to invert triads.


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