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Acoustic Guitar For Worship Leaders

Over the years, I’ve had to lead many groups, without a band, and needed to find a way to make the music interesting without the benefit of any other instruments. In this video Adam Lohrbach shows us how to play the lead for a song intro, while playing the rhythm, as wells as some fun color notes to add into chords in the key of G. The song he uses is This Is Amazing Grace by Phil Wickham.
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What Are You Worshiping


The other day I was talking with a friend who said, “My favorite part of worship is when the drums build into an exciting climax.”  This is not an unfamiliar statement.  I’ve heard similar comments like this before — you may have too.  I love my friend and know he loves Jesus, but whenever I hear comments like this concerning worship it vexes my spirit.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I love music.  I love musical dynamics.  In fact, music isn’t musical without dynamics.  I believe God made us emotional beings.  I believe that to strip ourselves of emotions when we worship God devalues who God created us to be. (Everything in balance of course.)

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Seeking Their Story


A great man died last week.  His name was John.  I knew him for 8 years, but I never really got the chance to know him.  While listening to his eulogy at his memorial service I realized what an interesting life he led.  I also realized the opportunity I missed by not getting to know him better.  It’s funny how listening to a eulogy can help you understand how easy it is to misread a person — and then it’s too late.

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