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Lessons From The Father Of Our Faith


Genesis 20

I find Abraham one of the most interesting characters in the Bible.  He is the Father of our Faith.  He’s in Hebrews 11 “Hall of Faith”.  He was obedient on Mount Moriah (Gen 22).  And yet, it’s not the most graceful walk towards faith; he seems to fumble forward in faith.   

Abraham left us a number of poor examples, the most well known being the child, Ishmael, he had with Hagar, his wife’s servant.  In Genesis 20 we see another example and it leaves me in awe of God.

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Blessing In Diversity


I started in vocational ministry in 1999.  Like most people, since that time I have had some experiences that have shaped who I am and the things I believe.  One of the hardest things I’ve gone through and seen in many churches is a division between opposing convictions.  In my role this usually plays out in what we call “Worship Wars”, but it is not limited to this topic.  I’ll use it as an example for now.  A worship war is when one person believes one worship style is correct and another person believes a different worship style is correct.  Now I could start getting into a lot of different topics at this point, but where I want to go is Romans 14.

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But Even If He Doesn’t


Read Daniel 3

I love the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  It’s a great story to share with kids when explaining God’s might and ability to overcome circumstances.  It’s also a great story to remind adults that God will come through in the perfect moment.  

There’s a 3rd reason I love this story and I’ve been processing through it today.

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You Give Me Love


Not much in life is guaranteed, but the Bible is clear that tough times will come our way.  Job loss.  A family member passes away.  Our kids struggle in life.  Our car breaks down.  We don’t get the promotion. Our other car breaks down.  Divorce.  Sometimes our lives can feel like the proverbial country song.  

There is not one of us who haven’t, at some level, gone through difficult seasons.  No doubt some are more difficult than others, but nonetheless we all go through these seasons.

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