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Meaningful Personal Worship – Part 2


In part 1 of Meaningful Personal Worship we took some time to set the foundation for the importance of having a personal worship time.  Before we can talk practical aspects of having a personal worship time, we need to know how vital it is to our journey with God.  You can read the whole article here, but as a reminder I gave 5 reasons why we should have personal worship times.

  1. Worship is the pathway to freedom
  2. Worship is the pathway for the Holy Spirit into our lives
  3. Worship crowds out doubt and releases vital faith
  4. There is power when we sing
  5. Our personal worship time will affect our corporate worship time


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Meaningful Personal Worship – Part 1


A few months ago I was asked to give a workshop on personal worship – what does it look like and how do I do it.  We had some great discussions and many joined in with their own personal stories.  One of the things I learned though, was no matter how old you are and how long you have been on your journey with God, it’s always good to circle back around to remind us how important our personal worship times are.

Before you can get into any practical aspects of personal worship, I think it’s best to set a foundation.


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Use Your Own Words


I learned early on in my marriage that cards are important to my wife!  There’s nothing like receiving a card for a holiday and not having one to give back.  Then you have to have that awkward conversation why you didn’t realize Groundhog Day was a card-giving holiday.

I think we all love receiving cards.  There’s something about the time and effort put into giving a card that makes us feel special when we receive it.

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Teaching Our Kids to be Worshipers


As parents, we need to have values for our families that we are instilling in our children.  Without defining values you will never know what is important and what is not.  And let’s face it, every parent needs to know what hill they are willing to die on, because our children will test everything.

One of the values every parent who follows Christ should be trying to instill in their children is worship.  Often, people of think worship as merely singing.  Singing can be worship, and is a great place to start, but worship is so much more.  I write a lot about worship, so I won’t go into a lot about what worship is, but so that we are on the same page, let me quickly define it for us.  Hopefully, this will help us as we define worship for our children.

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